About the School


Maple High School (MHS) provides alternatives for students that find traditional comprehensive high school programs unable to meet their particular needs.  Students come to Maple for various reasons including credit recovery, smaller class sizes, unique programs, flexible day, etc.

Maple teachers also serve as student advisors, mentors and homeroom teachers.  Students generally stay with their homeroom teacher until they graduate.  This person meets with the student, reviews their progress toward graduation and continually monitors the student academically and socially to ensure they stay on track.

Students are provided with an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) that is referred to by staff, students and families on a daily basis.  The counseling and classified staff are available to help students find answers to the daily challenges that would otherwise impede their progress toward graduation.



Through human connection, we inspire students to be critical thinkers, to be socially responsible, and to have strong civic awareness.



As a team, we empower students to thrive in and contribute to a highly connected world.



Leadership at Maple High School is a responsibility shared among district administration, school administration, instructional staff, students, and the School Site Council.  All members of the community are committed to a shared vision as expressed in the Single Plan for School Achievement (SPSA), which creates a strong foundation toward academic success for all students.

Staff members and parents participate on various committees to ensure instructional programs are consistent with students’ needs and comply with district goals.  Each staff member at MHS is part of a focus group that continually addresses the WASC action plan, ensuring we are meeting and exceeding the goals we set for ourselves as a school in the best interest of all learners.  Other school committees include the School Site Council, Safety Committee, Student Council, PBIS Team, Student Study Teams, and Care Team.

School Profile

Lompoc is located 150 miles northwest of Los Angeles in Santa Barbara County and has a population of approximately 43,500. The Lompoc Unified School District strives to provide a quality education for all its students with a wide range of programs and a talented staff dedicated to the needs of our students. The district serves approximately 9,700 students in grades TK-12 living in the city of Lompoc; the communities of Vandenberg Village, Mesa Oaks and Mission Hills; Vandenberg Air Force Base; and rural areas adjacent to these communities.

Maple High School operates on a traditional calendar, awarding credit to students at each six-week session. Maple High School is committed to providing a strong instructional program for all students to ensure college and career awareness/readiness and overall excellence in education. Maple High School has received Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation through June 20, 2020. 

Discipline and Climate for Learning

Lompoc Unified School District annually provides a Student Conduct Code for each of its sites, which is supplemented by a set of behavioral standards developed by Maple High School. The program’s design establishes guidelines to provide students with a meaningful, productive and enjoyable school experience. Appropriate behavior is encouraged through the use of PBIS strategies, teaching appropriate behavior to all students and maintaining high expectations school wide.

Students at Maple High School are guided by specific rules and classroom expectations that promote respect, cooperation, courtesy and acceptance of others. Maple High School encourages every student to “Be That Knight!” using the acronym KNIGHT: Kind Noble Inquisitive Grateful Humble and Tolerant. The school staff emphasizes and supports all positive behavior and attendance. The school’s discipline philosophy promotes a safe school, a warm and friendly classroom environment, and demonstrates that great student behavior supported by positive relationships with adults is a solid foundation on which to build an effective school.

The goal of Maple High School is to provide students with opportunities to learn self-discipline through a system of consistent rewards and consequences for their behavior. Parents and students are informed of discipline policies at the beginning of each school year through the student handbook, safety assemblies and parent conferences. All students who are new to Maple High School are enrolled in MHS Jumpstart. This is a class that explicitly teaches students the expectations on the Maple High School campus. All new students are enrolled in mediation as well, a class that teaches students how to communicate effectively with one another.

In addition, Maple High School has a zero and near zero tolerance assembly at the beginning of the school year to ensure all students are aware of what those terms mean.

Attendance is taken very seriously at Maple High School. Students who miss more than three days of school have a conference with the principal, followed by a meeting with the parent. If the student continues to miss school, the principal conducts home visits with the outreach consultant or the school resource deputy as needed. Students and parents are required to sign attendance contracts after they miss eight days of school.

Every six weeks, students who have perfect attendance are rewarded in a celebration of learning in which they receive certificates and opportunities to win age appropriate prizes. Staff attendance is also awarded to show relevancy to students.